Welcome to Be A Wolf!

At Be A Wolf you can become your own wolf. You live a pack with other wolves, you will start as a pup and move up into a Junior. After finishing your training as a Junior you become a full Warrior. You will hunt and fight in roleplay, while mentoring your own Junior to become as good as you. So join today, and let your wild side loose!


~Their will be a gathering held on, Wednesday May 5, 2010. Remember that only Leaders, Warriors, and Medicine Wolves must attend. However if you are a Junior or Pup you may still attend.~

~Leaders and Medicine Wolves needed! If you would like one of these special jobs and there is still an avalible spot, please just say so when joining!~

~Banning, check out the banning page for more details on who has been banned and how to avoid being banned.~

~When your Junior training is done you will become a warrior. But the second part of your name will change. So the leader of your pack will choose that part, however it must be appropriate. (Ex. Do - Flamepaw - Flametail...Ex. Don't - Flamepaw - Flamefart)~

~Please remember to make it on at least once every two days. If you are a leader you will be fired from your job if you do not make it on. Same for Medicine Wolves.~

~You may have pups, but we need new people/person to become your pups. Those people/person must also agree to become your pup.~

~You will be a pup for 2 weeks and a Junior for how ever long it takes to get all the information you need into your brain. However you will not die in battle unless you agree to die from a critical blow. You may also die from whatever cause you would like but others cannot kill you without permission.~

~Even if you start as a leader you must still go through proper training done by me. For if you would like to mentor your own Junior one day, you must be able to train them.~